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Cranking Man...

Photos and Facts from the archives of Kinetico Studios.


Our crew in 1975.  Sitting are Terri Bradt, Gordon Bradt, and Collette Bradt.  Above are Erwin Isles, Roger Putts, Gary Bingaman, Dan Pinkley, and Gene Clemenson.


A rare look inside the shop in 1975.  At the top, Dan is “potting the bases” with concrete and motors embedded within.  Then, Roger is bending the sports figures around until they work right.


Irwin Isles and Renn Griffith brazing and bending.


Our crew in 1995 on the same porch.  Gordon Bradt and Terri Bradt are sitting, with Deborah DG Womack sitting beside Terri.  Above from the left are Dave Dempsey, Ivan “Sonny” Hall, Doris Griffith, Dean Winters and Joe Fahey.


Terri at her soldering bench.


Sonny Hall



Robert Wolfinbarger and Alan Hall brazing hands and gear spokes.


Gordon Bradt around 1989.


Gordon Bradt with Clock Dial for his Seven Man Clock he created for The Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.


A Gordon Bradt Grandfather Clock in a South Korea Time Museum owned by our friend, Sung-Woon Choi.


A brochure by our European Distributor, Hans “Nano” Bergweiler.  Because of Hans, we shipped our 220volt sculptures and clocks all over Europe.


Advertising in Japan, 1991.


The Seven Man Clock in a catalog from Israel.


Dr. Julian Stevens in London with his 2012 solid brass and copper Grandfather Clock built by Kinetico’s Terry Clark.


First came the Six Man Clock, or Clock Sr. in 1980.  Then for a few years Kinetico made the Three Man Clock, or Clock Jr.  The Seven Man Clock was born in the 1990s.


Three “Space Robots” that Gordon Bradt designed after being inspired by R2D2 from the first Star Wars movie.


Twenty-four clocks sitting on the shop tables at the end of a week’s production. Along the back wall are clocks sent to Kinetico for restoration, and two Grandfather Clocks.


A shot of the “Sitting Man” on a chrome plated Grandfather Clock.




 Kinetico Studios

Eureka Springs, Arkansas  USA